Our customers are companies from the industry:
  • Rubber
    - Manufacturers of car tires
    - Manufacturers of conveyor belts
    - Producers of compounds
  • Plastics processing
  • Paints and varnishes

We are a global company executing supply of raw materials to the places specified by our customers.


Social responsibility

Fermintrade's activities extend beyond commercial distribution, to embrace social interests. We are increasing our investment in human resources and contacts with stakeholders who have a significant impact on the efficiency and innovativeness of our company.

Below you will find a few examples of our participation in social initiatives:

In 2013 we began cooperation with the State School of Higher Professional Education in Konin in the area of education quality management. We are going to work on common teaching and research projects, related to the scope of undergraduate and graduate practical philology studies. In particular, we intend to offer work placement for School's students.

Fermintrade also supports children and young people from the Rehabilitation and Education Centre in Marianowo, established by the Foundation for the Development of Children and Youth "Otwarcie" (Opening). This institution helps disabled children to maintain wider social contact with the community and peers, provides opportunities for participation in group work and various activities.

Our employees are also eagerly and responsibly involved in the annual collection of food for the poorest families, as part of the "Christmas Pack" initiative.