Industrial carbon black grades

Carbon black is a high-dispersion product of thermal decomposition of hydrocarbons contained in gases and petroleum and coal derived oils. It consists primarily of carbon (min. 90%), up to 5% of oxygen, and up to 1.1% of sulfur. Basic clusters of carbon black particles (aggregates) consist of spherical elements and form a structure similar to graphite.

N772 carbon black structure pictured with electron microscope

Key parameters affecting carbon black properties include: particle size expressed in nm, iodine number specifying the activity of carbon black, expressed in g/kg, DBP absorption number, which describes carbon black structure, expressed in 10 -5m3/kg. Carbon black is produced in special reactors at carbon black plants, with the use of a furnace and thermal processes.

Carbon black is used as a filler in rubber compounds in manufacturing of tires and rubber products. Carbon black increases rubber compound mechanical strength. Thanks to its excellent coloring properties carbon black is used for the production of dyes, plastic-based pigment concentrates, paints and varnishes.

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Carbon black is available in the following grades: N115, N220, N234, N330, N339, N375, N326, N550, N650, N660, N772, N774, N762 packed in big bags (about 1000 kg), bags (about 25 kg) and in bulk (delivery by road tankers).